You Are Our Father

Dear Lord God,

You are our Father, and we know that You watch over your creation. This is your world Earth is Your footstool. Lord, when we feel depressed and confused over all that is happening around us, help us to remember that You are there. You comfort us and fill us with Your peace. Let us know that you are there in the tempests, and the storms of our lives. Calm our fears, and give us peace. When we are hurting or ill, and don’t know what to do, please be with us, and give us patience to endure the pain. Let us remember that Jesus suffered on the cross for us, and our suffering is only a portion of what He suffered. Let us remember to think of You when we suffer, and think of Jesus, the Son. You care for us, because we know that you are loving, kind, and good. You are wonderful, our teacher, our hope, and our lives depend on You. You give us breath, life and truth. Thank you Father, in Jesus name for taking care of your children. Save us from the evil one Heavenly Father, Amen.