To grow spiritually, we must commit to the Lord

Feast in God’s word, drive out fear and temptation.  

In today’s rapidly moving world, schedules are the existing state of affairs. No time to feed our souls the manna it demands, but our bellies are certainly no strangers to McDonald’s. We blame politics for America’s fall from grace but seldom open the windows of our spirit to take a closer glance at why darkness and confusion dominate this once most powerful nation in the universe.

We forget that God is perfect and just, and that sin is contrary to His nature. We are condemned to be separated from Him eternally, unless we change our habits and reconcile with God the Father through the blood of Jesus. To follow Christ means to turn away from sin in repentance and to surrender one’s life to Him as Lord and savior of our life.

The Spirit of God teaches us that where sin rules, darkness separates us from His grace. To grow spiritually, we must commit to the Lord. Feast in God’s Word, drive out fear and temptation. America has fallen from the glory of God and is presently viewed as a skeleton, for lack of the manna it once enjoyed as a strong and righteous Country in the eyes of God our father in heaven.

In Christ our Lord,