“The Gospel of Jesus Christ (The Good news).”

OCS Ministry family and friends, 

My very first encounter with the Lord came through Evangelist Oral Roberts back in the early ‘50’s in South Texas.

Being catholic was the norm in our family, but Evangelist Roberts made such a profound impression in my spirit, it led me to a path of questions and curiosity. Over the years I was introduced to numerous other evangelists, who all shared one common message, “The Gospel of Jesus Christ (The Good news).” 

I quickly learned that as Christians we must focus on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and allow the Holy Spirit to teach us God’s plan both individually and as a nation. I also learned the main cause of fear and pride in our hearts comes from the teachings of moralism and to act on the idea of “I obey therefore I am accepted” (religion) rather than “I am accepted so I obey” (Gospel). God gets the Glory we get the blessing.  

John 1:12 NKJV says, “But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name. As God’s disciples we must encourage people to make a decision for Christ by offering to pray with them and invite them to their special Day of Salvation.  

Our teachings must accentuate Christianity as a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, not as a religion. (“Salvation not Condemnation).

Teaching moralism is God’s work not ours. Moralism is based on specific behaviors much like the Pharisees judged others. It typically condemns rather than reaches out. It expects unbelievers to act righteous which often leads them away from the bigger picture, “The Cross”.

Case in point: Moralism does not redeem you from being a sinner, it creates fear of being punished by God for your lack in judgement.

The Gospel offers you freedom here on earth and prepares you for the Kingdom of God. Freedom is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the other is religion. 

In Christ our Lord,



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