Significance of Law Enforcement

The spirit of lawlessness dwells within our midst. Since the fall in the Garden of Eden, man has declared his independence from God and demanded his own way.

You can see a clear pattern throughout the historical accounts in the Bible of man rejecting God’s way and attempting to create his own reality (see Jeremiah 2:9-13).

This pattern of lawlessness, injustice, and increase of wickedness dominates our society today and throughout history was found in civilizations in the process of decline. It is a pattern evident in nations that rejected God’s Word as ultimate authority in their lives, rejected the only Lawgiver and Judge (James 4:12), and is a pattern prevailing in many Americans today.

Clearly the significance of our Law Enforcement Officers is an unambiguous requisite which dates back to the fall in the Garden of Eden.

As upstanding law- abiding citizens, it is our duty to support and uplift our law enforcement officers, lest injustice and wickedness prevail.

In Christ