Politics have a way of interfering and disrupting

OCS Ministry family and friends,  

Politics have a way of interfering and disrupting families, friends, and the general population.

My personal stance has never been a political expression but one of serious concern for our nation’s separation from God. Friendships have obviously been adversely affected in the past year. But my faith in the Lord has withstood the storms.

I come before each of you in love and humility. My messages are never self promoting, but as a humble servant of the Lord. If I have caused hard feelings, I beg your forgiveness. The Holy Spirit knows my heart, and has ordained my spiritual direction. What the Lord is doing in my life, He wants to do for you.

Every day brings opportunities to experience life in abundance and to find spiritual fulfillment. Let us listen for the Word of God, as we consider choices, decisions, actions and words, (expressions of self.

We must learn to wait for the “still small voice within. Answers will Come. Trust the still small voice, it comes from God. Practice tuning in to His Divine Guidance, (His Word.) His Word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path, (way of life, our life’s journey.) Receive, trust and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and trust the inner wisdom to guide us in what to say, do, and how to live and interact with others in a healthy way. In all areas of our lives, we can trust and know that we are being led toward God’s best for us.

In Christ our Lord,