Lucy Garza


Sister Lucy Garza is OCS Ministry’s Administrator/Coordinator. She is responsible for, and indispensable to, the day-to-day operations at OCSM. She has been instrumental in the construction of our website, arranging and maintaining it’s look, content, and presentation as the Ministry has grown. Her insights and intuition continue to be an essential factor in the growth and expansion of the Ministry.

 Sister Lucy also manages all of the OCSM business operations. Her proficiency in multi-tasking has proven to be a great asset in her role as our Ministry Coordinator. Acting as our Ministry Public Liaison, she coordinates the interests of OCSM, proactively attending to matters that reflect both the Ministry and our Founder Evangelist/Pastor, Al Garza, scheduling his appointments, speaking engagements, and invitations for him to preach the Gospel.

In addition to all of this, Sister Lucy still maintains a strong relationship and constant communication with the local community, both in person and through the OCSM website and social media.

Sister Lucy is and has always been, sensitive to the spiritual and emotional needs of God’s people. She defines her Administrative position at OCSM as “a spiritual gift from the Holy Spirit”. She has more than proven in so many ways, her love for the Lord Jesus Christ, and her calling to share His love with others, both in her personal life, and through her work at OCSM. Sister Lucy is the “Go To” person for personal and ministry resources to help our members and Administrators “Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Spread the Message of the Cross”.