Climbing up the Golden Stairs

golden stairsIf you are a New Born Christian, you have just started a new life. It can be confusing as you figure out what it all means. But the most important part is knowing that you now have a relationship with Jesus who saved you from your sins that you may spend eternity with Him.

Let’s get you started on the Golden Stairs to God’s Kingdom. You will now learn who Jesus is. Did you know that Jesus is God and the Son of God? Did you know He died for your sins and rose again on the third day? Let me introduce you to Jesus by referring you to the Book of John in the New Testament.  OCS Ministry will purchase you a Bible if you don’t own one.

We will teach you to incorporate your new found faith into your life. Being a Christian isn’t just about saying a prayer. It’s about inviting God into your life and establishing a relationship with Him. He welcomes your prayers in everything you do and wants you to listen carefully for the leading of the Holy Spirit. When you have a hard choice to make, ask the holy spirit to lead and guide you; and He will.

As you grow in your faith, you’ll experience a process called sanctification, (purification). When you accepted Jesus as your savior, He cleansed your heart. To be sanctified means to be gradually changed so that your attitude, words, and actions reflect your new heart. The process takes a lifetime, and no one is perfect. As an Evangelist I am here to help you. But, I also urge you to locate a spirit filled bible teaching church. Join a small group of believers who study the Bible and help one another.

Live in victory by faith: Show the world what you believe and don’t be ashamed to confess the new you. Show Jesus’ love by serving others. Get involved with the lives of people in your church and tell others about Jesus. The Greatest Commandments are to love God and love others. With Jesus’ help, you can make that happen through the Love of Christ.

When you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you became God’s child for eternity. He wants you to rely on His strength as He carries you up the Golden Stairs through the storms and tempests along the way. Becoming a new Christian is just the beginning of a life-long journey that opens the door to God’s Kingdom, the home you were promised before you were conceived.

In Christ our Lord,