Chaplain’s Corner


Chaplain / Servant of Christ

“Support for Law Enforcement Officers and their families.” (Phoenix, AZ)

“Canyon Vista Medical Center”. (Sierra Vista, AZ)

As an Evangelist I have the privilege of volunteering in the pastoral care department of these distinguished organizations. My chief purpose is to serve as a source of spiritual and emotional support for the organizations, their families, relatives, and friends.  As chaplain I can minister one-on-one or in groups, providing spiritual counseling or crisis intervention based on any particular religious doctrine.  Anyone who is having a difficult time dealing with personal issues, family matters, the loss of a loved one, devastating wounds or injuries, may consider private counseling.  Biblical scripture and positive guidance are used to foster spiritual strength which can uplift one’s faith in order to cope and heal.  Together we can exercise our authority with the voice of faith in the Lord.
In Christ Jesus
Evangelist Al Garza